Female fit friends, I am begging for your help.


Hi skinny body. I miss you.

So…it’s been a while since I had time to write a blog entry.

I won’t beat around the bush. I saw a picture of myself from this past weekend…and um…I did not like what I saw.

Then I read this New York Times article called “Always Hungry? Here’s Why.”

A few article takeaways:

-The 2.5 years of dysfunctional sleep I recently dealt with probably has something to do with my weight gain.

-The stress of being an inexperienced, first-time mom to a child that does not exactly have “easy” in the description of his temperament (from birth), might have played a role.

-My sweet tooth certainly played a role.

-My lack of exercise probably did too.

So, today I am hitting you up.

You know who you are, fit female friends. You post on social media about your amazing runs, the healthy meals you cooked and the new outfits you bought. You always look cute in your pictures with your kids. You look rested. You just seem to really have it all together.

Today I need you.

You may want to keep your secrets to the fountain of youth to yourself, but please hear me out. This girl is desperate. Please, please, please tell me how you stay healthy! Your female sisterhood advice = good karma for you!

A bunch of questions are running through my head, fit female friends:

-So, I have to exercise 7 days a week to start seeing fat loss, don’t I?

-What is your favorite exercise and why?

-Do you just never, ever eat sugar?

-Do I need to give up alcohol? (To be honest, I don’t think I can do this one. Some days as a mom just require a glass of red wine.)

-Should I just eat carbs for breakfast and then give them up the rest of the day so I have a chance to burn them off?

-Should I replace one meal with a protein shake?

-How much sleep do you get?

-How do you manage stress?

-So for a girl in my (ugh, late) 30s, is this fat loss going to be a long process?

HELP ME!!!!!!!! 

Thank you.

(P.S. No offense to my fit male friends. I do not need your advice today. Your body was not made to bear children and store fat in order to carry those children. This is a female-only post today. I need assistance from the sisterhood.)


Observations From A New Mom

Wow, I have not blogged since I was 36 weeks pregnant. Talk about my life changing just a bit since January!!!! My last blog entry was “Observations From a Mom-To-Be” so I’ll continue that theme with my latest observations!

The first and most obvious one is an observation I had in my previous blog, but continues to hold true, if not be even more prevalent now:

No one is short on opinionsWow, does it get more intense after you have a baby. Just a few examples…

-“Just let him cry it out.” Nah, I’m not OK with that. Maybe I will be someday if he does not start sleeping better. But for now, nope! He is an infant and when he cries I want his needs to be met. Now. 🙂

“Just feed him solids. He’ll sleep better.” It hasn’t worked yet, but here’s really hoping it does. 😉

-“DON’T feed him solids. It’s just filler crap.” He has to learn to eat them sometime and since he’s showing he’s ready and I’m mixing it with breast milk, I’m more than OK with letting him try “real” food. I have also read it’s good to start them between 4 and 6 months to reduce the risk of allergies.

And on and on. I do my best to smile and thank everyone for their good intentions. And it is not that I do not appreciate advice. I usually need it!!!! I’m still quite the newbie and by no means an expert parent (not sure if I ever will be). But the bottom line is even when I feel like I’m flying by the seat of my pants trying to figure out this parenting thing, I know my child better than anyone else.

-Dads have it easy. OK, they have it EASIER. In no way would I want to give up the bond that I have with my baby, a bond that no one else could have. I love how well breastfeeding soothes him no matter what. And I love how I can pick him up and 99% of the time he will stop crying. But oh my gosh, I am floored by how much moms’ lives change and how dads’ lives pretty much stay in tact. Sure they are tired too. But Rich still has time to run and work out. He can have an “adult beverage” whenever he wants. He still is outside the house 11 hours a day. My life? Right now, I barely recognize myself!

One day I know things will get back to “normal” (or a new normal anyway), but right now it is amazing how my perspective has changed. One day I will have time (and energy!) to work out. One day I will have more time for my work. One day I will have more time for my friends who I miss dearly. Right now, my new judgement on if a day is going OK is if I get a coffee and a shower, though most showers are now at night after Tommy’s gone to bed. 😉

Grandparents are a Godsend. Thank God for my mom! And thank God for the Warrens. They have kept me sane on so many occasions. My mom brings me lunch all the time. She lets me take a shower. The Warrens have helped me clean my house on many occasions and brought dinner over many, many times. I do not take grandparents for granted.

Time spent with friends is precious. I know that over time, I’ll have more time for well, everything. Until then, I really do cherish every moment I can spend with my girlfriends. They are also a key to my sanity.

The love you have for your child is overwhelming. Overwhelming in a good way. As in more than I would have ever imagined. Do I like being sleep-deprived? Of course not. But do I hurry in to Tommy’s room when he is crying in the middle of the night? You better believe it.

Observations from a mom-to-be

I have not blogged about being pregnant, well, since I announced I was pregnant. So I guess this is overdue. I’m making new observations every day though, so maybe now’s the perfect time.

With 36 weeks down and about 4 to go, here’s a sampling of what I’ve learned / observed thus far:

40 weeks does not really fly by. I have lost count with how many people have said to me, “Wow, the time has flown by, hasn’t it?” Uh not really! I’m so ready to have this baby! I feel like I’ve been preggo forever. Sure the first trimester was pretty easy for me. But I purposely did not go public with my news until the entire first trimester had passed, just to be extra careful. So it may seem to some that I just got pregnant, but it does not to me! 😉

And whoever came up with this ‘nine months’ idea of our gestation length clearly was not good at math. Most months are 4 weeks long and 40 divided by 4 is 10. 10 months is a long gestational period. And before you respond with, “But Lindsay the start of a pregnancy is from your first missed period, so you’re not really pregnant in the first two (ish) weeks. And Lindsay, you are technically to term at 37 weeks,” Let me remind you, I know.

Yes, folks, I’m well aware. But as someone who tried to conceive for 13 months, I pretty much acted as though I was pregnant during that time. I had an occasional drink or two, but for the the most part, I assumed my efforts would pay off each month we tried. And as for being ‘to term’ at 37 weeks, how many first time moms have their babies early? VERY few. In fact, many first time moms deliver after 40 weeks.

There is no such thing as too much pampering. I waited too long to go see a chiropractor and get massages because I thought I was being a wuss. Every chiro visit and every massage I have since gotten during my pregnancy has been worth every single penny. If I had it to do all over again, I would have gone at the first twinge of back pain. Lesson learned. A pregnant woman can never spoil herself too much. In that same vein, naps and bubble baths are always a good idea.

Many women don’t really feel your pain. Just as I’ve lost count with the “Hasn’t the time flown by” comments, I’ve also lost count of how many women somehow forget what it feels like to be pregnant for the first time. If I had a dollar for the number of times I’ve heard the, “Oh just wait, it gets worse” comment in response to the very few times I’ve complained on Facebook about having an icky day, I’d be in the top 1% of the US. “It gets worse” is really not what I wanted to hear. A simple, “I’ve been there, ” or I dunno, “It’ll be worth it,” would have sufficed. In my experience, the best people to talk to about pregnancy aches and pains are a) men or b) women who have not conceived yet.

Note: There are some very amazing exceptions to this observation and those amazing people know who they are. I thank them all the time for their awesome support. 🙂

I prefer male OB/GYNs over female. As a teen, I remember thinking, “I’ll never be comfortable having a man check out my lady parts.” Let me tell ya, just with many women generally not feeling much empathy for a nervous mom-to-be, female OB/GYNs do not seem to be as empathetic as I had hoped. Thankfully my primary OB is a man. Yesterday, one of the female OBs at my doctor’s office had the gall to say to me, “Wow. I think you’re going to have a really big baby. I hope you can push him out.” YOU HOPE I CAN PUSH HIM OUT?!?! Oh my God. That’s some seriously terrible bedside manner.

What on God’s green earth did she think she was going to accomplish, other than giving me an anxiety attack?! I’m pretty sure that a male OB would be far less likely to utter those words. I’m not discounting her “You are all baby. You have not gained weight anywhere else” comment. That part was nice. But to follow it up with unnecessary anxiety about childbirth (something I’m quite terrified about already), was totally uncool. She also said, “You’re steering this ship. We will do whatever you want at the hospital.” (Also somewhat helpful, but really did not erase the previous comment.) I wanted to reply with, “Can you administer the epidural in the parking lot then? Clearly my ginormo baby is going to rip me apart.” But I refrained. Of course I didn’t want to sound the hormonal mess I actually was.

No one is short on opinions. Yes, I know this one is rather obvious, but again I cannot stress enough how much a first-time mom-to-be just needs a little reassurance from time to time. I think I’ve been pretty even keel over these 36 weeks, despite the enormous hormonal upheaval going on in my body. I am extremely thankful that we finally conceived naturally. I’ve been super excited for something big, like my shower, to something small, like washing the baby’s newborn clothes. And of course I’m beyond stoked to meet Thomas Liam!!! I also have NOT taken it for granted that I had ZERO nausea or vomiting. I count my blessings all the time.

Despite my natural positive attitude, I have had rough days. My breasts were sore for 16 weeks straight at the beginning of my pregnancy. My back has been in pain pretty much every day since my belly popped, making exercise much more difficult than I had anticipated. In addition, I don’t think a day has gone by in 36 weeks that I have not had heartburn that ranged from ‘uncomfortable’ to ‘holy crap I’m on fire.’ 99% of the time I follow the “If I don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” rule because I do remember the wonderful payoff that is coming at the end of this journey. But if I slip and I happen to share a simple complaint, I am just looking for encouragement, not a reminder that someone had it worse than me. A little cheerleading goes a LONG way.

I do know it’ll be worth it. I know what moms say must be true – all the aches and pains and anxiety must be immediately forgotten after the miracle of childbirth. I also fully agree that motherhood will be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. But my current state of mind is, “I want to do this just once.”  Which leads me to my next observation…

It is OK to “only” have one child. Heck, it’s OK to not want/have ANY. It broke my heart to recently have met a couple who had almost a scripted disclaimer about how they did not want kids. I reassured them that there was NOTHING wrong with them and shame on anyone who didn’t respect their perfectly fine decision.

As for me – I’m an only child and I honestly do not feel like I missed out on a thing. If anything, I feel extra blessed. I never experienced sibling rivalry. I never had hand-me-downs. My parents always had time for me. So what’s not OK? Assuming we’ll have another child. (You know what they say about the word ‘assume.’) Currently, a common question we’ve heard is, “When are you going to have a second?” Or worse I’ve even heard, “You NEED to have a second.” Um, no I don’t. We’re going to do what feels right for “Team Warren” – Lindsay and Rich. Maybe that will mean a second. Maybe it won’t. Right now, one dog, one cat and one child sounds absolutely perfect to me.

But that’s up to us and no one else;-)


I’d love to hear some of your pregnancy observations! Weigh in! 🙂

What A Great Way To Start The Year!

Laura Solomon

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most positive people around today!

Laura Solomon spoke for the National Association of Career Women – Metro Detroit Chapter today. She’s another shining example of the extraordinary people that come out of Metro Detroit. She’s not only a successful business woman, but she’s a survivor. Check out her book here (I’ve already purchased it)!

From her bio: “As a mother of seven children, Laura brings real-life practical solutions to the issues of divorce recovery, relationships and time management. Laura is an expert in relationship, parenting and personal empowerment. She works with individuals who want to gain more effective control of their lives and relationships, and who would like to achieve greater satisfaction and heightened contentment.”

She spoke to us about garnering good word of mouth marketing for ourselves, our businesses and our clients.

Here are a few important takeaways that we can all start utilizing now:

  • Know your target market! Just as Seth Godin said in his latest book (which I highly recommend), you cannot go after everyone. Get specific on who you want to help through your products and/or services.
  • There is power in positivity. Laura said, You are the result of your thoughts.” She also mentioned that who you are is more important that what you sell. There are countless realtors, bankers and lawyers out there. If people love YOU, they will buy from YOU.
  • Remember the importance of gratitude. Hand write thank you notes. 68% of your customers will stop doing business with you if they do not think you need them.
  • Ask for referrals. If you don’t ask for them, you won’t get them!
  • Ask for testimonials from every one of you clients. The top 3 items looked on websites are:
    1. The home page
    2. Testimonials
    3. Photos
  • People have a zillion distractions these days. Remember to DUMB IT DOWN when it comes to your marketing message. Keep it to one simple, REPEATABLE message. Remember, you have about a second or less to grab someone’s attention.
  • Speaking of distractions, turn off your email and phone if they are distractions to getting your real work done. Check them when your daily tasks are complete. This sounds impossibly hard to do, but it’s how Laura gets her work done every day from 9am to 4pm. She schedules EVERYTHING in.

And a few specific points about marketing your business:

  1. Make sure that your name, tagline and what you do are EASY TO UNDERSTAND. What’s your unique selling point? What makes YOU different?
  2. No matter how great your company is, it’s nothing without good marketing materials! How does your website look? Your brochures? Business cards? Make them thrilling! Make them memorable!
  3. Be the most positive person anyone has ever met. Even if you are not in your dream job, there’s no reason to not be pleasant!
  4. Get on YouTube showing what you do in your business! It’s FREE and it’s a great search engine optimization tool.
  5. Thank you notes should be hand-written. It may sound old-fashioned, but it’s personal and underrated. Email is simply not good enough.
  6. Make sure your “elevator pitch” is in your email signature. (Added mine today!)

Thank you for your inspiration and insight, Laura! What A Great Way To Start The Year!

P.S. For more information on NACW and their list of 2012 speakers, click here.

Visualizing The Best Year of My Life

I have to say that The Secret honestly creeps me out sometimes. If you are unfamiliar with the book called The Secret, I’ll sum it up pretty succinctly. The core teaching is that visualization works. If you focus on the negative around you, you will receive more of that. If you focus on the positive and what you want, you will get more of that. Simply, your thoughts are like a magnet. Some people view this notion as “woo woo,” but there are countless examples of athletes and business people who use visualization every day to get what they want.

It often creeps me out because I will either open the book to a random page when I’m looking for an answer and receive just what I need, or I’ll get an email from the author at just the right moment. That’s what happened today.

I had just read an email from a friend who is struggling with divorce and of course I was looking for the right words to say without sounding like I was giving unsolicited advice (which I know no one likes). Here is an excerpt from an email that I received my inbox just a moment later:

A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne
Creator of The Secret and The Power

“You can make 2012 the best year of your life! And you can do it very easily, right now.

All you have to do is set the most powerful intention you can ever set in your life, which is that you will focus only on what you want, think only about what you want, and talk only about what you want. Decide right now that anytime you find yourself thinking or talking about what you don’t want, you will stop and demand of yourself, “What is it that I want?” And with all your might, with all your strength, with all your willpower – you will focus on what you want!

This one intention, repeated daily until the New Year and reinforced through 2012, will ensure that you make 2012 the year that your dreams came true, and the greatest year of your life!”

How timely, right? Of course you could say that it’s December and it’s the natural time to send an email like that, but I was especially pleased that it arrived just minutes after reading about my friend who is going through one of the toughest times of her life.

So I’m writing today to not plug this book (though I do like it). I’m writing to share my intentions for 2012:

  • I intend to have a smooth transition into motherhood and I intend to roll with the lack of sleep, change in my independence, etc.,
  • I intend to cherish every moment and truly be thankful for all the blessings in my life,
  • I intend to continue to NOT focus on anything negative,
  • I intend to fully enjoy taking some time off from work and lastly,
  • I intend to find great balance when I go back to work.

I’m also writing today because I want to know:

What are YOUR intentions for 2012???

Giving Thanks in 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Here’s a short list of what I’m thankful for this year, in no order of importance:

A trip to England!

Fans raised another $30,000 for the animals - over $80,000 to date!

I was so honored to see my mom receive her Honorary Alumni Award at MSU. Here she is along the banks of the Red Cedar.

I was also honored to be able to see my mentor Gary Reid receive a Michigan Association of Broadcasters Lifetime Achievement Award.

Animal advocates made Bowl-4-Animal Rescue another massive success - benefiting the Michigan Animal Adoption Network and Friends For The Dearborn Animal Shelter.

Ahh, a weekend on Mackinaw Island was a wonderful way to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary.

A fan girl weekend 😉

A new addition to the Stephens family - my nephew Brayden

My wonderful family - hubby Rich, kitty Lexi, poochy Pebbles...and Baby Warren, due 2/14/12.

Celebrating my favorite TV show…one more time! (Part Two)

Continuing on with my weekend of fun!

After Damon Runyan’s panel on Saturday, there was a nice break to enjoy some lunch. I not only got a lunch break, but I had the pleasure of seeing my dear friend Kathy, who lives very close to the Sheraton where the convention took place…and her new, little bundle of joy, Brayden! It was a fantastic way to break up the day and catch up with a friend!

Misha Collins

Misha Collins (“Castiel”) was the next guest to grace us with his presence on stage! This guy is hardly EVER serious on stage, so I knew we were in for many laughs.

  • The laughs started immediately when Misha very openly admitted to being the brunt of a prank on-set. “Jared fondled my balls.” (Keeping it classy, as always.)
  • As far as paybacks go, his exact words, “I am not allowed to fuck up Jared!” 
  • If he could spend one day with any one actor from Supernatural, who would he spend it with and what would they do? It would be Amy Gumerick and they would “crochet.” Yes, he was suggesting otherwise!
  • He did tell one story that was somewhat serious. When they were shooting the first episode of season 7, Misha was REALLY ill with some sort of stomach virus. He was vomiting A LOT and Jensen came to his rescue and made production shut down when Misha could not do much more for the night. (What a good egg!)
  • Misha noted that he wanted “Misha” in the meta episode “The French Mistake” to be ‘more of a douche bag,’ as a big joke about himself. He said, “I wanted to douche up my hair…like on The Vampire Diaries!” (Snort!!!!)
  • One of the last things he said during his panel was, “I sincerely hope Cas is revived at some point.” We sincerely do too, Misha.
The other big event for Saturday was the evening dessert party, which apparently was renamed the cocktail party because there were no desserts this time. This was indeed a massive bummer for a pregnant chick who a) can’t drink and b) was looking for at least a little treat that she didn’t have to feel guilty for eating (like she would if she was not preggers).
Anyway, I of course did not take notes during this party, but I did take some pictures of the really creative centerpieces fans made. The highlight of this party was not only the bit of face time the celebs gave every table of attendees, but was also the judging of the centerpieces by the celebrities, including hilarious commentary from them!
A few pictures…

Sam and Dean bears

Bobby's library

Supernatural montage / collage

Supernatural diorama, complete with a hologram ghost!

Stained glass centerpiece

Yes, that is a Supernatural-themed ouija board!

Ashley explains her centerpiece to Misha

Traci Dinwiddie examines Bobby's library centerpiece

Sunday morning arrived quickly and with much anticipation! Sunday is when we all got to see Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, the stars of the show!

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles

Despite being exhausted and on west coast time, they were in rare form. I didn’t take a ton of notes (Hey, I was smitten!) but here some highlights:
  • Jensen and Jared both would love to do a Supernatural movie! One major reason – it could be rated R, and they could do/say things that they cannot on TV!
  • Jared’s least favorite “Sam” hair is when it is, as he said, “coiffed.”  He wanted to cut his hair so badly at one point, but Eric Kripke told him, “This isn’t Felicity!”
  • Jared tweeted about this recently, but he got into more detail about his, as he called it, “fan girl moment,” when meeting the guitar player for Pearl Jam, Mike McCready. He said he was so nervous that he was squeezing his wife’s hand and was acting so over the top that Jensen had to leave the backstage area because he was so embarrassed for Jared!
  • Jensen said the best directing advice he ever received was from Kim Manners and it was simply, “Homework, homework, homework.” 🙂
  • As for what happened at the end of the 3rd episode of Supernatural this season, both Jensen and Jared liked the plot. They said it was “kind of a mercy kill.”
The next event I attended was easily the highlight of the convention for me, a “Dean” girl. 19 other fans and I participated in a 30-minute Q&A session with Jensen Ackles. It was REALLY cool to interact with him that way. It was very formal, but awesome nonetheless.
  • A fan asked about what, if any, props from any of his TV or movie projects was he able to take with him. He had to think about it for a moment, but recalled that he has a pick axe handle from My Bloody Valentine, books and other items from Bobby’s house on Supernatural…and he plead the 5th on wardrobe pieces! 😉
  • Next, he talked about directing in Season 6 and Season 7 and how the two episodes’ experiences were different. Jensen said, “Weekend at Bobby’s was kind of a day in the life. I could set the cameras and let the actors play.” But “The Girl Next Door” was much more difficult because he acting in so much more of that episode. He added, “This episode technically was a little more difficult” as well, with the inclusion of the flashbacks.
  • He was bummed about a couple of big edits that took place in post production this season. One was a fun montage scene of Dean in the cabin, where he was drinking beer and sword fighting with one of his crutches. It was cut simply for time. 
  • Another big shot that was cut was at the end of the latest episode. He told us that there actually WAS a shot of the “hot” cheese (which was actually just vanilla yogurt with food coloring in it) being poured on the victim! Can you imagine? We actually said we preferred the scene the way it was shot, with the image being created in our imaginations only!
  • He added that “Psychologically, directing AND acting was a nightmare” and “There is a sense of calm when I’m acting.”
  • Jensen explained that there were several times where he knew he’d require extra takes to fully get back into character. He did say that flipping back and forth between being a director and being an actor got easier as filming progressed. He’s so talented!
  • Another part of directing that he truly enjoyed was working with the kids in “The Girl Next Door” because the actors were really pliable and liked taking suggestions from him.  
  • A fan asked a really fun question for us, but proved to be a harder one for him! What are 5 things we don’t know about Jensen?
    • He hates being late. (I can relate – I’ve had nightmares about being late for everything from work to concerts! Ugh!)
    • He is thankful for his patience, as he often finds himself staring at the front door of his house waiting for his wife Danneel to finish getting ready.
    • He sometimes will tell a white lie to keep Danneel running on time for dinner reservations! LOL.
    • He sleeps on the right side of his bed in Vancouver and the left side in LA.
    • He has not used a straight razor since the beginning of Supernatural and Danneel actually prefers him with a beard. He does as well, since when he is shaved, he feels less like “Jensen” and more like “Dean.”
    • Bonus fact that we found out at the end of the Q&A – his wife has good taste! She bought him a gorgeous Panerei watch as his wedding gift. (I’m pretty sure my hubby has the same exact watch.)
  • As for Dean and Sam’s Season 7 arc, Jensen said, “Dean is trusting of Sam. He understands Sam is dealing with a very unique situation.
  • And one minor spoiler – look away now spoilerphobes – there will be one episode with “Evil Dean” and “Evil Sam” in season 7. Sounds like fun to me!

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles

And the moment EVERY attendee was waiting for was next – J&J on stage together!

  • The first thing these nice boys said was to the first-time convention attendees: “Welcome to the Supernatural family!” So sweet.
  • They were asked about pet peeves and they mentioned rude people on planes. Jared grossed us all out with talk of a man who was coughing up “loogies” but not spitting them out. “Where did they GO?” he asked!
  • They both hope that Jeffrey Dean Morgan comes back for at least the series finale.
  • Jared gave both A Dog’s Life Rescue and Doctors Without Borders a shout out. He talked about he liked being able to use his celebrity status to do something good. (Love that boy.)
  • Jensen told us that he currently does not own a car. He joked about the only car he drives is the Impala!
  • Jared would love to have a Supernatural episode that is modeled after The Twilight Zone.
  • As for fears? Jared does not like bears and Jensen does not like snakes.
  • A fan asked if they had ever read a script and asked themselves how they could mentally/physically shoot an episode. “All the time!” they exclaimed. The further explained that during “The French Mistake” they tried not to break from being “Sam” and “Dean,” even when they were “Jensen” and “Jared.”
  • Another fan asked about which scene in all 7 seasons of Supernatural was the hardest to shoot. Jared’s answer? The original Lucifer in a white suit scene. Jensen? “All of season 4!”

The boys goofing off part one - Jensen: "Ricola!!!!!"

The boys goofing off part one - Jared: random flatulence noises!

  • When asked about one of their favorite moments over all the years of filming, Jared talked about a special moment at the end of season one that illustrates how close of friends these guys have been since the start of the show. He talked about how at the end of filming season one, they did not know if the show was being renewed. After they wrapped on the final day of filming, he fondly remembered just hanging out with Jensen and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the Impala with some beers. Jared described the final day of filming each season as ‘magical.’ Jensen agreed. He said the greatest moments are the ones off-camera, like pranks, etc. So awesome for two guys who work so damn hard. 
  • Another sweet moment during their panel was when Jensen and Jared were asked how they were similar to the characters they play. Jared responded, “We both care a lot about our family.” 🙂
  • And finally, congratulations to the guys on raising $3,500 for Once Upon A Cure by auctioning off a unique set piece!
Wait!! Hold on for the ride and don’t go anywhere! Just because I’ve covered Jensen and Jared’s appearances does not mean I’m done just yet! We have two panels left to cover!

Richard Speight, Jr.

Richard Speight, Jr. was back for a solo panel on stage! He’s easily a fan favorite and deserved a little extra time with convention attendees.
  • He started out with, “Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving! What a better way to bond with your family than to go to a Supernatural convention! (Hilarious right from the get go!)
  • Another memorable quote from Richard was: “Changing Channels” was probably my favorite episode of television I’ve ever filmed!” (Awesome.)
  • I cannot leave out this memorable quote, “If there were ever a musical episode of Supernatural, Michael and Gabriel would do a karaoke duet!” (Can you imagine?!)
  • When asked who he’d most like to be stuck in an elevator with, he stated that Katherine Boecher (“Lilith”) was his preference. “She seems crazy fun.” Then he changed his mind. “Jared – he could just take his hand and pop the thing open!”
  • One of his absolute favorite episodes of Supernatural (that he’s not in) is “Swan Song.” (Excellent choice.)
  • Check out his new movie called “Three Blind Saints.” It is coming out in November. He said it’s family-friendly / squeaky-clean, but he’s the lead!
  • His character’s name in the film? “Sam!”
  • Lastly, of course he’d love to see “The Trickster” come back!

Julian Richings

Julian Richings (“Death”) was the last, but not least, guest of the Supernatural convention.

  • He was yet another actor who was attending a convention for the very first time. He seemed genuinely excited and honored to be a part of the event.
  • He was born in England but lives in Toronto, where his wife is from.
  • He comes from a theatre background.
  • Julian stated the hardest Supernatural scene to shoot was actually the first one he shot. It was the scene where Death was eating pizza with Dean. He quickly realized that he ate too much too fast, and with so many shots to get, he needed to slow down!
  • His favorite scene was the opening scene he was in – the introduction of “Death” to the song “Oh Death.” Julian stated, “Those creative choices make the series so much better than so many others. (Well-said, Julian. It’s SUCH a haunting scene and yes, this show is THE BEST!)
  • Speaking of junk food, a few of his favorites are Mars Bars, Poutine and Butter Tarts.
  • He complimented the Supernatural writers as well as Jensen. “He’s so generous as an actor.”
  • Check him out in “Wrong Turn.”
  • He does hope to be back on Supernatural.
  • He described “Death” as someone who is a bit misunderstood. He said, “I don’t think he’s just a scolding uncle. I think he’s drawn to the brothers. I think he cares for them.”
  • Other cool news: Julian is shooting the new Superman movie!
  • UK fans, you can catch him next at Asylum later this month.
OK, that’s it for me folks. I hope you got through all this and has as much fun reading as I did writing! 🙂