2010 Supernatural Fan Initiative – Detailed Information

Actor Jared Padalecki (Star of the CW Networks’ Supernatural) endorses a wonderful non-profit organization called A Dog’s Life Rescue. This is a no-kill animal rescue group whose goal is to save the lives of abandoned, abused or neglected animals.

Several years ago, my friend Heather and I co-founded a website called http://www.SupportSupernatural.com.  This site exists to raise awareness of our favorite show as well as raise funds for worthy charities.  Last year, Heather and I were approached by Jared’s publicist who asked to help raise funds for A Dog’s Life Rescue.  As soon as the endorsement went public about A Dog’s Life, we kicked our off fundraiser and many, many awesome Supernatural fans helped us raise over $17,000 for the charity!

This year we want to almost double our fundraising goal to $30,000. It might sound a little ambitious, but we know how passionate and dedicated Supernatural fans are.  We also know that it costs A Dog’s Life Rescue between $8,000 and $10,000 to operate PER MONTH and every single person working for the non-profit is a volunteer! So we want to do even better for them this coming year.

We are also very excited to partner with Instead of A Gift, Inc. this time around. These wonderful folks charge a lower transaction fee than any other fundraising website we’ve worked with so far! This means your donation dollars will help even more animals than ever before too!

We would like to thank Creation Entertainment at this time.  Thanks to them, we will have monthly giveaways as an incentive to donate. Every month that you donate $10 or more, you will be eligible to win fabulous prizes! So please consider donating each month and please come visit http://www.SupportSupernatural.com monthly for details on each monthly prize pack!  You can see a pictures of our amazing prize packs at www.SupportSupernatural.com.

“We had many successes in 2009 but as the number of animals being abandoned continues to increase, we strive to be able to save even more animals in 2010.  Already in this new year, A Dog’s Life is fielding calls in greater numbers than years past.  Calls have come in from an older woman who is homeless herself but reached out to us because she found an emaciated stray dog that she wants to make sure has a safe warm bed at night, to a plea from a family whose mom passed away and left 14 cats behind in terrible conditions, to the abused, neglected, discarded and forgotten.  In 2010 A Dog’s Life Rescue wants not only to save more animals lives ourselves, but we hope encourage and assist those people struggling to do right by their own pets or the ones they’ve stopped their car for, giving them a second chance.  Please help us make 2010 our most successful year yet,” said A Dog’s Life Rescue co-founder, Allison Lange.

Yes, we have a lofty goal of $30,000 this year. But this breaks down to $2,500 per month, which we think is attainable – that is, if you help us spread the word!  Please feel free to get the word out on your website, blog, social media pages, etc.  Heather and I would greatly appreciate it!

So in the words of the late, great Kim Manners, let’s “Kick it in the ass – ACTION!!”

For more information about the campaign and A Dog’s Life Rescue, visit www.SupportSupernatural.com or http://www.SPNangelsforanimals.org.


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