You’ve Donated to the Supernatural Fan Initiative…Now Here’s What You Need To Know

One of the great aspects of Heather and I being able to partner with for our 2010 fundraiser is that they take everyone’s privacy very seriously…So much so that at the end of each month, Frank, the President of sends us just the first names/first initial of the last names of everyone who donated $10 or more so we can put all the names in a hat to draw for each monthly prize.

But this does not tell us who you are, or what your story is.  That is why we’re asking you to contact us after you donate.  We don’t need to know how much you donated (EVERY donation is wonderful!), but what we do want to know is what you’d like to tell Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and the folks at A Dog’s Life Rescue.

So to sum it up…

After you donate, please e-mail us at: with the following:

A) A comment for Jensen and Jared

B) A comment for A Dog’s Life Rescue

C) A picture/story of a pet that has had an impact on your life

We will take your submission and we’ll create little booklets for Jensen, Jared and A Dog’s Life Rescue and send them to them at the conclusion of our fundraiser.

You are not required to do any of this, but we’d love to have your submission!  In 2009, we created some pretty cool books for Jensen and Jared full of haunted places from your neck of the woods.  We had so many submissions that the books were over 50 pages long!

This year, we want to include A Dog’s Life Rescue in our “booklet project.”  We’ve gotten to know the charity’s co-founders Alli and Julia over the last year and they have become our friends.  They really deserve to also be recipients of our commemorative gift this year.

So don’t be shy.  Send us your comments & pet pictures. 🙂


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