Win the shirt and pants off of Jensen Ackles!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day and Supernatural’s episode entitled “My Bloody Valentine,” we literally have the shirt and pants off of Jensen Ackles!  Supernatural fan Vanda (from all the way over in Australia!) was kind enough to donate a t-shirt and pair of pants she won in a previous auction.  These clothes were ACTUALLY WORN by Jensen Ackles in My Bloody Valentine 3D!  The package comes with a certificate of authenticity, so rest assured, they are the real deal!

Want to get your hands on this exclusive package?  Well you can soon!  The auction begins this Thursday, February 11th at 9pm Eastern.  Like EVERY auction that Heather and I hold, 100 percent of the proceeds go to charity!  A Dog’s Life Rescue is of course our charity recipient for this auction.  The auction link will be posted on at 9pm SHARP, so don’t forget to visit!

As always, we offer FREE shipping and we will ship this item ANYWHERE!  We want it to go for the highest possible amount, so we can make the biggest impact!  It’s the least we can do for the charity Jared Padalecki endorses!

We hope you will do what you do best and help us get the word out about this!

We also received an urgent e-mail from A Dog’s Life Rescue that we want to share with you.  By reading the e-mail below and watching a couple of videos, we hope you get a clearer picture of the priceless care they give to homeless animals.  The first is a video they did especially for us located here.  The next is the video that goes along with their urgent message.  But first, here is their message!

Urgent: Owner died, cats in danger of being trapped and killed

“These poor cats are in imminent danger. After their owner died one of the neighbors, who has boldly announced that she is a ‘cat hater,’ applied for a permit to start trapping to ‘get rid of’ them. These cats are already disadvantaged because they were never fully socialized. They are feral, but that does not make their lives any less valuable. It certainly does not mean they suffer any less.

In addition, the house is being put on the market in a few weeks and most likely will be demolished. Several of us have been regularly feeding, but more help is needed to save their lives. They need to be relocated ASAP. If you have a safe yard, please consider adopting one or even a bonded pair. We will help with all details in relocating them and getting them adjusted to the new environment. Every one will be spayed/neutered and vaccinated as well.

To help in any way visit  or to donate towards their care please visit”

Here is the corresponding video of these beautiful but now homeless cats!  Please take a few minutes to watch both videos to witness the hard work that goes into animal rescue. It is clear why Jared Padalecki endorsed such an amazing charity.  These volunteers are angels!

For additional information about the fan initiative and A Dog’s Life Rescue, visit  And please forward this blog to any Supernatural fan you think may be interested.

Thank you, Lindsay

About is the web site for people who love to promote Supernatural, the BEST program on television today!  Our goal is to generate higher ratings for Supernatural while doing a little good in this world.

“Raising Awareness & Raising Funds”


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