10 Questions with Brendan Ross

I’m really excited about a new project I’m featuring  on my blog – “10 Questions with Metro Detroiters.”

The goal is to showcase a few fabulous folks I know in Metro Detroit.

My first interview is with photographer Brendan Ross. Make sure you don’t just read the 10 questions, but stick around for the lightning round as well!

Brendan Ross

LW: What city did you grow up in?

BR: Saint Clair Shores

LW: What was your first job?

BR: I was a photographer for Fairchild Publications. I had a friend who was a stringer and she could get her work picked up if they had photos. It worked well. It was before I had a drivers license.

LW: Where did you go to college?

BR: Albion College

LW: Tell me about your business/company.

BR: Brendan Ross, Photographer is an independent photographic studio, specializing in manufacturing, metalworking and plastics. But I shoot all kinds of things. This week Sunday I was shooting christenings in a Gothic Church available light, Tuesday copying oil paintings for the artist’s portfolio and Friday/Saturday illustrating food for the opening of a new hamburger restaurant.

LW: What makes it unique?

BR: Every subject has it’s own challenge. I’ve taken pictures during open heart surgery, in coal mines and from helicopters. Several U.S. presidents and a couple of presidential candidates. Took photos at last year’s Detroit Marathon for a shoe company.

LW: What do you love most about what you do?

BR: It’s not the same thing day after day. It’s always changing.

LW: What is one thing most people don’t know about you (hidden talent, etc.)?

BR: I’m very good with color. An art director friend sent me a 100 color test once and I got one wrong out of a hundred. I scored about twenty points higher than he did.

LW: Outside of work, what are some of your passions?

BR: Reading, cycling and cross country skiing. Movies (although I have a terrible memory for titles and names of movie stars). Fixing and updating computers.

LW: What do you think is the biggest misconception about this state?

BR: The friendliest and most charitable people in the country live in Michigan.

LW: What things draw you to downtown Detroit?

BR: Architecture and the DIA.

Lightning Round:

MSU or U of M? U of M

Ford, GM or Chrysler? Chrysler

Lions, Tigers, Pistons or Red Wings? Tigers

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook

Favorite local radio station? WRCJ (Dr. Dave Wagner is a personal friend.)

Favorite local TV station? WDIV

Favorite local brand? Vernors

Favorite restaurant? Bucci Ristorante. I’m a Eastsider.

Favorite place to vacation in Michigan? Ludington (birthplace)

Favorite place to take out-of-towners? DIA


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