10 Questions with Michael Grosvenor

Here’s the next installment in my new feature, “10 Questions With Metro Detroiters.” Today’s interviewee is Michael Grosvenor, a multi-talented guy, who is not only a drummer, but a marketing maven!

Michael Grosvenor

LW: What city did you grow up in?

MG: Union Lake (Which sadly no longer exists!)

LW: What was your first job?

MG: McDonald’s…Totally cliché but true! I think I was 15.

LW: Where did you go to college?

MG: Full Sail University (Winter Park, FL)…School that at the time specialized in recording engineering (what I studied).

LW: Tell me about your business/company.

MG: Grove Marketing & Media is a company focusing on marketing, design, strategy, and social web communications. We specialize in music and creative industries.

LW: What makes it unique?

MG: I’m a musician with a long background in marketing. We understand how the creative mind works. I’ve seen a big disconnect between artists and folks who market their art. We strive to eliminate that communication gap and work together to grow their reach.

LW: What do you love most about what you do?

MG: I have the opportunity to work with so many talented people. It’s so satisfying to believe in a project and be a part of their success from the ground up.

LW: What is one thing most people don’t know about you (hidden talent, etc.)?

MG: I once got in trouble in grade school by playing a Billy Joel song during show & tell where he uses the “F” word.

LW: Outside of work, what are some of your passions?

MG: Music is my biggest passion. I love to listen, perform, write, record…all of it. Also a big sports geek…Lifelong Detroit Tigers fan.

LW: What do you think is the biggest misconception about this state?

MG: So many people think that Detroit is beyond repair.  We may be down but never out. Here there is a fantastic community of folks doing great things for this state and city. The energy and creativity of the people here is exciting and they are a vital part of this state and nation’s rebirth.

LW: What things draw you to downtown Detroit?

MG: Live music and sports. Detroit has one of the best audiences for both. We’re known around the world for being a great live music town and sports town. You can’t go wrong with a concert or game!

Lighting Round:

MSU or U of M? MSU

Ford, GM or Chrysler? Ford

Lions, Tigers, Pistons or Red Wings? Tigers…but the Lions cause me pain on a weekly basis!

Facebook or Twitter? These days, Twitter takes the cake.

Favorite local radio station? 93.9 The River or 96.3 WDVD

Favorite local TV station? WXYZ Channel 7. The #backchannel has me tuned in every day!

Favorite local brand? Better Made Chips or Garden Fresh Gourmet Salsa

Favorite restaurant? I have a few…Armando’s, Young’s Chinese, Buddy’s Pizza, Highland House

Favorite place to vacation in Michigan? Alanson on Pickerel Lake…The view and air is amazing there.

Favorite place to take out-of-towners? I’m partial to a good dinner and a ball game…or a concert depending on who’s in town.


One response

  1. Great interview! Always fun to learn about fellow Detroiters who are really doing something here! Especially another #backchannel participant 😉

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