10 Questions with Bonny Wainz

This week I’m featuring Bonny Wainz for my “10 Questions with Metro Detroiters.” Bonny worked wonders with helping me train my dog Pebbles to be well-behaved and we’ve been friends ever since.

Bonny and a few of her students

LW: What city did you grow up in?

BW: I grew up in Warren, but I thought I lived in the country. The subdivision was brand new and many streets were still dirt roads when I was a kid. Our house had a 200ft x 300ft backyard . The yard was perfect for all types of adventures and a great place to play with our family dog, Ryan.

LW: What was your first job?

BW: My very first job was a paper route. I used to deliver The Detroit News. The best part about this job is that occasionally I would take my Dog with me. I have to admit the first time I took him along it didn’t go so well. He knocked over my bike and peed on the papers, but I persevered and eventually he learned to do a sit stay next to the bike.

LW: Where did you go to college?

BW: I went to Oakland University and have a bachelor’s degree in Business.

LW: Tell me about your business/company.

BW: The name of my company is Alternative Canine Training and our primary goal is to help people and train dogs. We do in-home dog training as well as provide group classes and each program is tailored to the individual dog and person.

LW: What makes it unique?

BW: People often ask why it’s ‘Alternative’ and I always tell them it is a natural form of training.  We teach our clients to think like their dog thinks. We use ‘Doglish,’ another words we teach them how to use their body, facial expressions and tone of voice just like a dog. This way the dog learns very quickly what we want and expect out of them.

LW: What do you love most about what you do?

BW: I am probably the most fortunate person around. I get to work with animals all day. What I really like the most is that I can help people. There is nothing more satisfying than to see an owner and dog’s relationship change. It goes from the owner being frustrated with their dog’s behavior and the dog from being a hyper, nervous and also frustrated to one were they are both calm, content and happy.

LW: What is one thing most people don’t know about you (hidden talent, etc.)?

BW: I love painting the little ceramic houses that you see at Christmas time. They may never be collectors like the Lemax Village houses, but I love methodically painting each detail. Sometimes it takes me two years to paint one house as I only do this in the winter time.

LW: Outside of work, what are some of your passions?

BW: It is hard for me to differentiate work and play as many of my hobbies are with my dogs. I love skiing, hiking, field training (all with my dogs),  golf and traveling. They won’t let me take a dog in a golf cart.

LW: What do you think is the biggest misconception about this state?

BW: That Detroit is all bad.

LW: What things draw you to downtown Detroit?

BW: I love many of the activities in Detroit. I also love the nautical museum and planetarium at Belle Isle.

Lighting Round:

MSU or U of M? U of M  (just because my Dad would always say “Go Blue”

Ford, GM or Chrysler? GM

Lions, Tigers, Pistons or Red Wings?  Tigers

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook

Favorite local TV station? Channel 4

Favorite local brand? Chicken Shack

Favorite restaurant? 2 Sisters (in Rochester) or Nicki’s (in Royal Oak)

Favorite place to vacation in Michigan? Alpena

Favorite place to take out-of-towners? Frankenmuth


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