Some of the Many Things I’m Thankful For in 2010

Instead of a long write up of all the great things I’m thankful for that happened last year, I’d rather give you a picture show.  Here goes!

My brother-in-law got married in February and I was honored to be a bridesmaid. Here's a pic of my Mom and I.

Jenn, Mel, Kathy and I went to see Bon Jovi on St. Patty's Day. A total blast! I can't think of a more fun way to spend that holiday.

Thanks to fabulous friends on Twitter who made sure I did not miss a good show, Kathy and I got to see Raine Maida and Steve Mazur from Our Lady Peace perform a FREE acoustic set (front and center!) at the Hard Rock Cafe in Detroit the very next day after Bon Jovi. Bliss.

I don't know where to begin here. I blogged about this amazing weekend with Our Lady Peace here:

I also blogged about this amazing experience with the co-founders of A Dog's Life Rescue here:

Ahh, my first trip to San Diego was this past March. It was gorgeous!

We celebrated my dear friend Kathy's 30th Birthday in the D. Another epic weekend. No more jello shots for me EVER though! Seriously.

I had a super fun weekend in June in the D with two friends who I met through my favorite TV show, Supernatural - Jenn & Mel. One of them had the courage to get a tattoo while in town (Jenn). You go girl.

We adopted a kitty in 2010! Her name is Lexi and we all love her.

Summer weekends in Toronto are always amazing, especially with best friends. This one in July was no exception.

Bonus summer weekends in Toronto seeing Keane, a most beloved band of mine, front row center, are even better! This concert was the highlight of my summer HANDS DOWN! Here's a picture of their ridiculously talented lead singer, Tom Chaplin, who gave it his ALL that night.

In July, we got our first house! Here we are on our new deck.

And here's our new backyard. I feel so lucky every day!

My website co-founder and wonderful friend Heather and I went to LA in August for the annual A Dog's Life Rescue fundraiser. I love LA!

I'm still humbled by this. Heather and I each received one at the A Dog's Life Rescue fundraiser. Doing animal rescue work does not feel like work to me and to be thanked for it? Icing on the cake!

In October, I met Tim Rice-Oxley from Keane (and his side project Mt. Desolation)!!!!!!!!!!! *Insert fan girl scream here*

2010 was a great year for Metro Detroiters coming together to do a little good for our city. The #backchannel is one fabulous example of that. (Want more info? Get on Twitter and search for #backchannel.)

Our Spartans had an excellent football season and though they may not have won their bowl game, I am so thankful to have spent the end of 2010 in Orlando celebrating New Years and cheering them on!

Now, bring on 2011!


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