10 Questions With Michelle Mullen

I’m very excited to share my friend Michelle Mullen with you today.

Michelle Mullen is an extremely accomplished bowler and business owner. She has achieved USBC GOLD Coach status. There are just over 30 GOLD Coaches in the world, and less than 10 are women!

Michelle is also an established international writer and author. Michelle’s work has been published in Bowler’s Journal, Bowling Magazine, Asian Bowling Digest and various other syndications. Michelle is also author of best-selling BOWLING FUNDAMENTALS, now in it’s second edition. BOWLING FUNDAMENTALS has gone international, now printed in Russian, and is currently being translated in Simple Chinese.

Michelle has competed and won the Championship at every level, including High School Bowling, Collegiate Bowling, PWBA Regional Bowling and PWBA National Bowling!

Here’s a little more about her in my latest “10 Questions With Metro Detroiters.”

Michelle Mullen

LW: What city did you grow up in? (If you did not grow up here, what was the first city you lived in when you moved here?)

MM: Chicago / Dearborn

LW: What was your first job?

MM: Dairy Queen

LW: Where did you go to college?

MM: University of Illinois

LW: Tell me about your business/company.

MM: Your Bowling Coach offers clinics, summer camps and private lessons to bowlers of all age/skill levels. Our lessons feature Digital Video Analysis so that you can see yourself bowl and make changes easier and quicker. Though we are completely portable to provide clinics nationwide, we give lessons daily at Country Lanes in Farmington Hills where we also have our fully stocked, 1,000 square foot pro shop, Aleta Sill’s Bowling World.

LW: What makes it unique?

MM: We are retired professional bowling champions who are giving back to the sport that has been so good to us. Aleta Sill’s Bowling World is named after Aleta, who is bowling’s first lady $1,000,000 bowler. We are USBC Gold and Silver certified coaches with over 50 years combined coaching experience and have coached over 25,000 bowlers of all age/skill levels.

LW: What do you love most about what you do?

MM: Helping bowlers bowl better!  We have the full resources and experience to help bowlers bowl better, whether it is to get the proper equipment into their hand, fix their ball fit or to coach them on technique. Bowlers just love to bowl and seeing their excitement when they bowl better is wonderful. In some cases, we see them when they are so distraught about how they are bowling that they want to quit. To be able to turn that around and ignite their passion for bowling again is an awesome feeling.

LW: What is one thing most people don’t know about you (hidden talent, etc.)?

MM: I am very introverted and just love to be at home and really love to cook. And, how much my heart breaks for animals in need.

LW: Outside of work, what are some of your passions?

MM: I am passionate about animals in need. I have 8 rescues now. We host an annual fundraiser in August called Bowl-4-Animal Rescue, with 100% of the proceeds to benefit the Friends For the Dearborn Animal Shelter and the Michigan Animal Adoption Network. So far, we have raised over $62,000 to help animals in need. I also love to work out, garden and cook.

LW: What do you think is the biggest misconception about this state?

MM: That there are not many “movers and shakers” who really strive to make a difference in this world. It is a privilege for me every time I have the opportunity to meet one of them.

LW: What things draw you to downtown Detroit?

MM: Comerica Park, The Fox, Ford Field

To learn more about Michelle Mullen and her business, visit: http://yourbowlingcoach.com/about-michelle-mullen.


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