Celebrating 60 Episodes of “Beyond The Iron Sea”

You probably know I’m a fan of Keane, a British pop band that became well-known after their first album “Hopes And Fears” was released in 2004. I tend to talk about them. A lot. I had the pleasure of taking part in the 60th episode of a podcast series devoted to Keane called “Beyond The Iron Sea.” A bunch of fellow fans and I came up with questions for hosts Chris Flynn and Andrew Drinkwater and I phoned the podcast to pose the questions to the hosts.

Keane is unique and very special in their interaction with their fans, in that it has continued to a level that you’d expect from a relatively unknown band, not one whose three albums and one EP have all gone to #1 on the record charts. But they are good, philanthropic people who are thankful for their fans and it shows.

Chris and Andrew have been fans of the band for many years. They started a podcast 7 years ago and just aired their 60th episode on March 1st. Keane’s amazing interaction with fans has provided Chris and Andrew many exciting adventures. And for this podcast, they let fellow fans of the band put the focus on them to talk about some highlights of their 7+ years as fans of Keane.

Chris (left) and Andrew (right)

Chris discovered Keane at a music festival in Middlesbrough and Andrew discovered them at his university radio station in England. Having worked in university radio myself, I have many very fond memories of discovering some of my favorite bands and having the opportunity to interview them through that opportunity, so I can only imagine the fantastic opportunities Andrew had at that time. I should mention that a friend I made at my university radio station is actually credited with clueing me in to Keane’s first album, “Hopes And Fears.” (I was out of grad school when it came out.) 😉

In this podcast, they talked in sync, described their friendship as “bromance” and had many other surprises for their listeners!

Chris and Andrew had nothing but complimentary things to say about how gracious the band has been over the years. They also talked about their all-around favorite memories with the band, embarrassing moments, how many times they have seen Keane live, discussed the possibility of Tom Chaplin playing the flute on a Keane album and even told us about one thing that surprised them most about Keane.

They admitted that they were quickly learning through our questions how hard answering interview questions can be, but in the end, did manage to answer what their wildest fan dream is. Another highlight of this 60th podcast was how literal they took many of the questions, which makes for some serious comic relief!

To find out more, have a listen at Beyond The Iron Sea or subscribe on iTunes.

Congratulations on 60 podcasts, lads!  Here’s to 60 more.


3 responses

  1. Enjoyed the podcast. Well done, Lindsay! It was great to have things switched around and listen to Chris & Andrew on the receiving end of the questions.

  2. It was a fantastic podcast, and I’m so glad we got to pose our questions to them. Well done, Lindsay, on getting the interview in the first place!

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