Celebrating Detroit 1-8-7 and Our City

I’m excited to tell you about a really fantastic event I have the honor of helping plan with my friends GayeLynn Maddalena and Shane Carson. It’s an event supporting ABC’s “Detroit 1-8-7,” a worthy Detroit charity and the city of Detroit.

If you know me, you know I love pairing fandom and charity. When I watched the pilot of Detroit 1-8-7, I watched partly out of curiosity and partly to show support for my city. But it was really fun to watch as a local. And then each episode got better and better. And now I’m a big fan. 😉

But now fans of Detroit 1-8-7 are scared it may not get renewed. So I got together with GayeLynn and Shane and we’ve put together an event to celebrate a great show and a great city.

The event takes place this Sunday March 20, 2011 from 8pm – Midnight.

It takes place at a super cool venue where Shane had been offering some pro-bono marketing services. The Motor City Java House/Artist Village is located in the Old Redford neighborhood of Detroit next to the historic Redford Theater (17336 Lahser Rd., Detroit, MI 48219). When GayeLynn and I drove up to the venue for the first time, we were surprised at how, like many venues in Detroit, it is really is a diamond in the rough.

The Motor City Java House features specialty coffee, smoothies, fresh fruit, teas, dessert, soups, sandwiches, magazines, books, art, chess, poetry and much more.

Motor City Java House

Perhaps the coolest part of the venue is the attached Artist Village. Alicia Marion (Motor City Java House owner), Charles “Chazz” Miller (local artist and founder of Public Art Workz) and John George (founder of Motor City Blight Busters) founded it 8 years ago.

Artist Village is amazing. Naturally there is an art gallery. But there is so much more to the gallery and workspace. There is a massive lounge with a stage and huge projection screen for us to watch Detroit 1-8-7.

Shane, GayeLynn, Me and Motor City Java House / Artist Village owner Alicia on the patio

Both Motor City Java House and Artist Village were constructed using all recycled materials from abandoned villages in Detroit. Motor City Blight Busters helped with the amazing transformation. This is an amazing organization that has been helping Detroit for over 18 years. Blight Busters is a beneficiary for our event.

Inside the Java House

A few fun facts about Motor City Blight Busters:

-They can proudly claim 120,000 volunteers, who have contributed more than 658,000 volunteer hours to paint 684 homes, board up and secure 379 abandoned buildings, renovate 176 houses and build 114 new ones to make suitable housing for 1,160 people.

-In the process, they used 21,000 gallons of paint, 15,500 pounds of nails and 15,470 sheets of plywood.

-They demolished 113 houses with sledgehammers and people power and undertook 3,850 neighborhood clean-ups that resulted in 1,550 dumpsters of trash and 70,000 garbage bags.

In addition to of course airing the Detroit 1-87 finale, our event will feature fabulous food from two legends in Detroit – American Coney Island and Better Made Potato Chips. It will also feature beverages courtesy of Vitamin Water and attendee gifts courtesy of my company (Lindsay Warren Consulting), Urbane Apartments and WowShane Radio.

That’s not all. We’ll also have some really cool door prizes from Reaver Diamonds, Fist of Detroit apparel and American Coney Island. And, on top of that, we’ll have local artists and entertainers performing!

For GayeLynn, Shane and me, this project has been solely a labor of love for our city and one of our favorite TV shows, taken on by the three of us. Because of that passion, we unanimously agreed upon conception of the event that we would donate our services, and not accept any payment for this event whatsoever.

Tickets for our event are available online at http://SupportingtheDevent.eventbrite.com. They are just $10. $5 out of each ticket goes directly to Motor City Blight Busters in Detroit and the other $5 goes to Artist Village.

We are so excited for this event and we’re excited to hear of other fan events celebrating Detroit 1-8-7. Let’s hope ABC notices!


2 responses

  1. Great read Linday! It’s seriously great that you, Shane, and GayeLynn along with the awesome folks at Motor City Java House and Artist Village are doing this event.

    You said it best at the beginning of this post with crossing “fandom with charity” by gathering all of us Detroit 187 (and overall DETROIT) supporters to help celebrate and hopefully bring awareness to the great underrated show along with more importantly continue supporting some great Detroit causes with the Blight Busters! 🙂

    Looking forward to it and keep up the great work!

    -Julian (@Julian_Bond)

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