Top 20 Running Songs

In an effort to a) get me blogging (I’m very overdue) and b) get me thinking about running on the pavement instead of the treadmill, here are my Top 20 Favorite Running Songs.

Special request: If you read this, please send me some of YOUR favorite running songs too!

#20“Eye of the Tiger” – Survivor: Yes, I know this one is cliche, but does get the job done, so it’s in my #20 spot.

#19“Black Black Heart” – David Usher – This is a GREAT cool down song.

#18“Forever” – Chris Brown: Before you start the hate mail, I in no way support this woman-hitting dude. But I like this song. It has a good beat and it reminds me of one of my all-time favorite You Tube videos. (Sidebar: If you don’t love this video, you have no soul.) ๐Ÿ™‚

#17“Put Your Hands Up For Detroit – Fedde Le Grand: Did you think this Detroit girl would not have this on her list?!

#16“Remember The Name” – Fort Minor: This song makes me think of Michigan State University football, which, naturally makes me smile.

#15 –ย “Stronger” – Kanye West: GREAT beat. Good lyrics. Simple enough!

#14“Sleepyhead – Passion Pit: Like #15, sometimes it is just about a good beat. This song has one too.

`13“Closer” – Ne-Yo: “I just can’t stop” = great lyric for that part of the run where I want to die, but keep going because I know it’ll do me good.

#12“The Longest Road” – Morgan Page: The Deadmau5 remix of this song is over 7 minutes long and is a good one for the middle part of the run where I’m just trying to maintain my pace.

#11“The Way I Are” – Timbaland: Great running song / great cardio song. Awesome repetitive beat.

#10“Bang Bang” – K’Naan & Adam Levine: I heard this one on Sirius one day not too long ago and really like it because it’s so damn catchy. And K’Naan and Adam have such quirky voices that they work well together. This song is just fun and if you’re not having any fun while running, what’s the point?

#9“Let It Rock” – Kevin Rudolf / Lil Wayne: For some reason, this song just gets me pumped up!

#8“Supermassive Black Hole” – Muse: Nope, I’m not a hipster. I’m not totally in love with their newest album like all the ‘cool kids’ are. I like their older stuff better. And I love that this song has been in a Supernatural episode and in one of the Twilight films. Insert inner-geek comments here.

#7“Broken” – UNKLE: Keeping with the inner-geek theme, I heard this in the credits of the latest X-Files film and I loved it immediately. It’s very atmospheric, which is great for when I want to get lost in a song and not think of any pain I may have in my body at that point in my run.

#6 – ย “Not Afraid” – Eminem: Duh, of course “Detroit girl” is going to have an Em song on this list too.

#5 –ย “She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult: Full disclosure here. I run to Keane’s cover of this. Sue me. I love Tom Chaplin’s voice. ๐Ÿ™‚

#4“Whatever” – Our Lady Peace: Quite simply a kick ass ROCK song.

#3“Just Say Yes” – Snow Patrol: I could listen to this song on repeat forever. The driving beat is PERFECT for running.

#2“Spotlight” – MuteMath: If this song does not make you run faster, I have no idea what song will.

#1“Is It Any Wonder?” – Keane: I love this song. So much. I drive fast to it. I run fast to it. Yep, it’s perfection.

What do you think?


7 responses

  1. Right, so I ADORE that wedding video to “Forever” too and love the song. I don’t run to it, though.

    “Supermassive Black Hole” and Muse–same. Do you find yourself mouthing “Super. Massive. Black. HOooooooole” along with it? I do. Also love “Starlight” for running.

    Many, many songs on my list are Keane–“Is It Any Wonder,” “Bend and Break” is my running anthem, and “Somewhere Only We Know,” because even though it’s not a fast song, it’s inspirational.

    Others–“Viva La Vida” by Coldplay, “Sweet Disposition” and “Down River” by The Temper Trap, “The Cave” by Mumford and Sons, “F***ing Perfect” by Pink, and, you’re going to love this one–“Chariots of Fire.” Yes. : P

    • Meg, have you seen the follow up video to “Forever?” Click on the link on my blog. It’s priceless! And yes, it’s hard not to mouth along with Super Massive Black HOOOOLLLLLEEEE. ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL. I do love “Starlight” too, so I need to add that to the mix. And yeah, I have MANY more Keane songs, but did not want to fill all 20 spots with them, you know?! (I could though.) Ooh, Temper Trap – GREAT suggestion. Adding now. Thanks Meg!

  2. Great top 20!

    “Stronger” is the song for me that gets me through the “I want to die” part of a run.

    Depending on my running tempo I also like David Usher’s “The River”, and OLP’s “Not Afraid”, “All You Did Was Save My Life”, and “Monkey Brains”. There are a couple of songs off Gravity that are well suited to running too, despite the fact that Gravity is my least favourite album overall. I look for any song that fires me up and gets me singing along in my head in a way that allows time to fly by without me ever looking at a clock/watch.

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