Why She Does It

I’m really honored to have Michelle Mullen be a guest blogger!

Michelle is a client and more importantly a friend. She’s an extremely successful bowler and bowling coach. And she’s a massive animal welfare enthusiast. She co-owns Aleta Sill’s Bowling World and puts on an annual animal rescue fundraiser that raises thousands of dollars for two wonderful animal rescue organizations. Please do yourself and read her powerful words. Thank you.

Why I Do It

By Michelle Mullen

Bowl-4-Animal Rescue is coming up! Sooooooooooo many details, but can’t wait to get the proceeds to the animals!

People are asking me about the event, and how busy I am with it (along with everything else I have going on), and see that 100% of the proceeds go to animals in need. They often take pause and I can see the curiosity in their eyes. Why would we take all the time, energy and resources (which you either get, or not get) to give 100% of the proceeds…

Certainly, it would be easier not to do this.  But, why we do it is simple.

Animals need our help. I am the last person on the planet who feels comfortable asking anyone, for anything.

Then, I realize that animals cannot ask.

I have this very bittersweet blessing: when I am enjoying my (eight) animals at home or even a great animal story, I also immediately think about those that do not have what they have. This is a daily, almost an hourly realization for me.

So, I am driven. 

When I try to grow our event out, I am constantly thinking of ways to do so, to help more animals.

Getting more auction items helps. Encouraging more pledges and donations is huge! Whatever it is. Always trying…

Then I think, we can also have an even greater impact, that will expand even further than the night of our event, like pledges and donations do…

We have to educate more…Adopt, don’t shop…Spay/neuter…Get info tags on your pets…Don’t breed until we take care of all the souls out there…There are pure bred rescues…And, it goes on and on.

Daily, I think of how to grow this event out, at it’s very essence.

The people of Friends For The Dearborn Animal Shelter (FFDAS) and the Michigan Animal Adoption Network (MAAN) are my heroes.  Here’s what they have intimately said to me:

“Sometimes this job just gets extremely wearing. I walk through the kennels, and the animals put out their little paws, and I cry because I want (to do such much) more for them”  – Kelle Sisung, FFDAS

“Some of the addresses we visit bring me to the ground with the condition of the animals, and I have been doing street rescue for over 20 years.  When others are shopping, we are volunteers on the streets, to help animals.” – Marie Skladd, MAAN

Please reach out to those in your circle…Don’t be afraid to speak up on behalf of an animal in need…Encourage adoption…Let folks know you can always find a pet to adopt on Petfinder (including FFDAS and MAAN), and not just to think of it when a story breaks…Encourage spaying and neutering- it IS GOOD HEALTH for the animal, and future animals…Tell everyone you know to get ID tags for their pets…And rescue is not for just mutts (our favorite breed)…There are pure bred rescues to adopt from!

Discourage breeding, take care of the souls of the animal population that are out there!  Think about volunteering.

I see so clearly it is impossible to fulfill this vision by myself.

THANK YOU [to so many I would like to mention].

This is again bittersweet, because Bowl-4-Animal Rescue is such a fun and worthy event, but in getting to the heart of it, I wish we would not ever have to do this event again.


Event info: http://www.yourbowlingcoach.com/community


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