Celebrating my favorite TV show…one more time! (Part One)

Salute to Supernatural Convention, Toronto, ON.

I know some of you reading this will say, “Oh my gosh, she went to ANOTHER Supernatural convention?”

Yes, I’ve been to a few. But the last one I attended was two years ago. I was long overdue. And if you haven’t noticed, I’m 5 1/2 months pregnant. I don’t think I’ll get to another one any time soon.

Instead of writing a mini Master’s thesis that would take you an hour to read, I took a bunch of notes and present each panel and event I attended as lists of fun facts. Feel free to share any and all of these with your fellow fans!

Matt Cohen and I

Up first on Friday, October 7th was the absolutely darling Matt Cohen! Matt played the young John Winchester. To say this man is a doll is such an understatement! Matt’s fun facts:

  • He surprised us with a few F bombs! That’s always a fun way to keep the audience’s attention at a convention.
  • He is a MASSIVE hugger. When he said he was going to hug everyone at the convention, he was not kidding. He went around the auditorium throughout his panel, giving out random hugs. He also hugged everyone who bought a photo op with him (me included). He said he’s “Changing the world, one hug at a time.”
  • He’s VERY lean! While he looks in shape on-screen, it is hard to tell just how buff he is until you see him in person (hubba hubba).
  • Someone asked about the weirdest part he ever played. His answer? A transgendered cowgirl. WOW!
  • He has not been cast in Season 7 of Supernatural…yet.
  • He’s been in a couple episodes of 90210 recently.
  • Matt is very scared of flying.
  • When asked what it was like driving the Impala, his one-word answer was…”AWESOME!”
  • He based his portrayal of young John Winchester on his wife’s father (awwwwwww).
  • He was very grateful for the direction Jensen gave him on how to play Michael.
  • Matt was born and raised in Miami, FL and went to Florida State University where he studied architectural design.
  • If you get the N Network, you can check out Matt on “South of Nowhere.”
  • His favorite actor to work with on Supernatural is Amy Gumenick (young Mary). In reference to Amy, he said he thinks the Supernatural casting staff is brilliant!
  • He loves that all the actors on Supernatural are humanitarians. I’m especially thankful he mentioned that, as I’m also a big fan of the good they all do for this world!
  • Lastly, his reaction to fan fic (fan-written fiction) was…”HOLY SHIT!”

Elias Toufexis and Gabe Tigerman

Gabriel (Gabe) Tigerman and Elias Toufexis were up on stage next. Gabe played Andy Gallagher and Elias played his brother Weber in the episode “Simon Said.”
  • This was Elias’ first convention. He was a natural / very relaxed.
  • You can hear Elias’ voice in many, many video games, such as Assassin’s Creed and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
  • Elias has also been on Eureka and Smallville.
  • If Elias could use mind control, he’d use it on his crush, Angela Bassett…and his wife! LOL
  • Gabe had no instruction on how to drive the Impala in his episode of Supernatural, nor did he know the significance of it. He did say, “Everyone on set looked scared” when he got in it!
  • As for acting inspiration, Elias stated that he got inspired at age 5 by watching Star Wars. He said he went door-to-door looking for Darth Vader (too cute). As a teen, the inspiration came from Henry V.
  • Gabe’s inspiration to become an actor came from watching Monty Python in junior high.
  • Look for Elias to be on Flashpoint soon!
  • Elias pointed out that he really loved working on the set of Supernatural because the cast and crew were more welcoming to guests than other sets he’s been on.
  • Gabe added that it was so nice to see Jensen and Jared, the stars of the show, hanging out late at night, to watch Gabe’s and Elias’ scenes being filmed.
  • Cute quote from Gabe: “The first time I was called to do a convention, I thought it was a mistake!”
  • Another funny tidbit: Jensen and Jared showed him disgusting (i.e. dirty) photos on their cell phones! (Boys.)
  • Gabe’s wife (Kathryn Fioreis currently shooting “The Wedding Band” for TBS.
  • Check out Gabe’s acting reel and other highlights here.

Amy Gumenick. Photo courtesy of http://twitter.com/wolfling.

Amy Gumenick (young Mary Winchester) was up next and was such a delight!

  • First of all, I must point out how tiny and gorgeous this woman is. Pairing that with her sweet personality, she was a joy to watch on stage.
  • She started off immediately showing her sincerity by saying how thankful she was for the Supernatural fandom.
  • Amy stated that she is often drawn to the roles that are the most different from her.
  • She said that the shoes of Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester) were so big to fill and she felt a LOT of pressure when she was cast as young Mary.
  • She has a dance background and met with a combat choreographer to prep for her fight scenes on Supernatural.
  • She did get to do ALL of her own fighting on the show! She said, “I love that Mary is a kick ass woman!” But she added, “I wish she had taken more precautions. I admire her strength.”
  • She did have some time to explore Toronto. She and Gabe went to the CN Tower.
  • Amy talked about Jensen and Jared. She mentioned that they bring a love for the show to the set. “Jensen and Jared are the funniest, warmest guys.” (Awwwwwwwwww! Have I said that much yet?!)
  • One example of Jensen and Jared’s goofy side: Apparently, they loved to crack jokes about things like Jared’s dog’s anal glands right before Amy would have to cry on-screen. Those boys again.
  • She always knew she wanted to be an actor and really takes her roles seriously. When she played young Mary on Supernatural, she actually kept a journal as Mary.
  • Amy will be on the new series Grimm on NBC. She describes it as a “fantasy / cop / sci-fi” show. The series premier is October 28th and her episode airs on November 4th. Watch it live or set that DVR!
The Misha Collins cruise was next on the agenda for Friday night. I did NOT bring my notebook or take any notes on the cruise. Hello, that would have won me a “nerd alert” award! 😉 The best part of the cruise? Misha was in a very relaxed environment and talked to every fan on the boat. The worst? The food left a bit to be desired. While I did not take notes, I did take a bunch of pictures. Here are a few…

My bud Melanie Thompson and I

Misha mingling with fans

Perfect weather for a dinner cruise

Did I mention the view was great?

Misha talking with girls at our dinner table

He took time with every fan who wanted to speak with him.

Toronto skyline - I have a bit of a love affair with this city.

Me, Misha, Mel

There was one other Friday night event that took place, but “Mama Warren” had to go to bed. I hear the Friday night karaoke extravaganza party was a huge hit. If anyone out there has a blog with photos, videos and stories from the event, send it my way. I’m happy to insert your blog link into my blog! 🙂

Corin Nemec

Up first on Saturday, October 8th (very bright and early at 9:30am) was Corin Nemec. In addition to playing Christian Campbell on Supernatural, you may remember him from Parker Lewis Can’t Lose in the 90s or from Stargate SG-1.
  • I asked him what he likes most and least about the sci-fi genre. He said he likes the action, adventure and make believe of science fiction…and least? The titles, i.e. “Sand Shark.”
  • He too did not escape Jensen and Jared’s shenanigan. He said, “I was forced to look at a photo on Jared’s phone. I’m not sure if it was a turkey neck or a skinned camel!” (EWWWWW! LOL)
  • Corin is from Arkansas and has written 18 screen plays.
  • His dream role is any one where he can work with Johnny Depp.
  • He’d also love to do Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones.
  • If he was not an actor, he might have gone into the service (that is, if he had stayed in Arkansas). Another career possibility for him would naturally be something else in the arts and entertainment industry.
  • Corin was asked if any actor were to come back to play Christian Campbell, who would he recommend? He said Stephen Dorff would be a great choice!
  • Lastly, he told a hilarious story of attending a Star Trek convention. He was wearing a t-shirt that mentioned wrestling on it. For some reason, this offended an attendee dressed to the nines as  “Klingon.” This “Klingon” full on attacked him! He literally had to run for his life and barely made it onto an elevator in time to escape this crazed fan! The worst part? He was on his hotel room floor when this happened! So he went back to the lobby to wait it out for a bit. Then he heard some nice guitar music playing outside. When he went to go check it out, what did he find? An entire hot tub full of “Klingons” (in full garb) listening to the performer! He was scarred for life.

Traci Dinwiddie drums with fans

Traci Dinwiddie of course played the fan-favorite, fabulous Pamela Barnes on Supernatural.

  • To say Traci Dinwiddie is one of my favorite actresses is an understatement. I love this woman. She’s not only spunky and talented, but she is just GOOD PEOPLE. She loves animals and the environment and is anti-bullying and simply wants to share positivity with the world.
  • When she got on stage, she gave me a shout out. I honestly did not think she was looking at ME (!) in the 3rd row until she mentioned me BY NAME! She was complimenting me on my support of animals. I turned 8 shades of red. That was totally unnecessary, but so very kind. She joked that she needed to be in another Supernatural episode so she could get more memorability to donate to our fundraiser for A Dog’s Life Rescue. BLESS HER.
  • One specific example of how she wants to make the world a better place (that is, in addition to wanting to help support animal rescue) is by forming a community of her “T-Bugs.” She wants to travel with fans all over the world and do trips that consist of fun and philanthropy. She wants to incorporate everything from yoga to music to all types of community service. Visit her on Twitter or Facebook to inquire about how to get involved! 
  • When describing what it’s like to work on Supernatural, Traci said, “Not every set is terrific. Supernatural is NOT one of them. It feels like you stepped into a puppy pile!” 🙂
  • A fan asked if she believes in supernatural powers or if she has premonitions. She said she has indeed had premonitions and she thinks we all can tap into our intuition more.
  • She also treated us to an impromptu little African drum circle. Want to check out a clip? Here ya go!
By the way, the 3 words featured were from Supernatural of course: “pie,” “assbutt” and “pudding!”

Richard Speight, Jr.

Richard Speight, Jr. (who of course played “The Trickster” / Gabriel) joined Traci on-stage next.
  • He was asked about the most awkward role he every played. His very easy answer? A rapist. Going into the role, he had no idea he was portraying a non-fictional person.
  • Dream roles for Traci and Richard include Joan of Arc or Susan B. Anthony (Traci) and Jimi Hendrix (Richard).
  • Traci told a hilarious story about kissing Jensen. She said he tasted like a Jolly Rancher candy, but how at a convention in Europe the context was taken completely differently, since the audience had no idea what Jolly Rancher candies were. (It sounded like she was saying she was sucking on a jolly rancher (as in sucking on a PERSON, not a piece of candy)!!!!!!!!!!! Haha!
  • Richard loved playing two characters in one episode, particularly because he had never done that in episodic television before.
  • Traci shared with us that she’s a big fan of bloopers and she actually had heard of Supernatural because of the blooper reels that she saw on YouTube!

Damon Runyan

Damon Runyan is the final guest I’m covering in part one of this blog. He was Jenny’s boyfriend in “Dead Man’s Blood” and he also served as Jensen’s Dean stand-in for “Dream A Little Dream of Me.”

  • Like Elias Toufexis, this was Damon’s first Supernatural convention. He seemed a bit nervous, but he did a great job!
  • He’s from Toronto, and from what he mentioned (as well as the cute pictures he’s shared on Twitter), he’s a dog person. I like him already.
  • He has been acting for 9 years and prior to that, he worked in finance brokerage. Talk about a career change!
  • In addition to being a working actor, he owns a catering business in Toronto.
  • He follows the Maples Leafs and the Canadiens.
  • Damon is working on writing a script right now.
  • Check him out when you can and follow him on Twitter!
In part two of my convention blog, I will feature Misha Collin’s panel, Jensen and Jared’s breakfast event, Jensen’s private Q&A, Jensen and Jared on stage for their panel, Richard Speight, Jr.’s solo panel and last (but not least!) “Death” AKA Julian Riching’s panel!

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  1. Awesome Lindsay! I so wish I could have been there with you girls. Hopefully we will get to another one after the baby (Rich will be ok for a weekend) 🙂

    • I SO wish you could have been with us too, Heather. Never say never. There might be a chance in the future (2013, maybe?!) when I can sneak away for a little girl’s weekend. 😉 And if you liked part one, wait for part two1 Lots of goodies coming up!

  2. Thanks for the post, Lindsay! I loved reading this! I hope you enjoyed Corin as much as I did when he was at the Vancouver convention. He was definitely a favorite of mine.

    Can’t wait to read your next part!

    Melissa Adams

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