Observations From A New Mom

Wow, I have not blogged since I was 36 weeks pregnant. Talk about my life changing just a bit since January!!!! My last blog entry was “Observations From a Mom-To-Be” so I’ll continue that theme with my latest observations!

The first and most obvious one is an observation I had in my previous blog, but continues to hold true, if not be even more prevalent now:

No one is short on opinionsWow, does it get more intense after you have a baby. Just a few examples…

-“Just let him cry it out.” Nah, I’m not OK with that. Maybe I will be someday if he does not start sleeping better. But for now, nope! He is an infant and when he cries I want his needs to be met. Now. 🙂

“Just feed him solids. He’ll sleep better.” It hasn’t worked yet, but here’s really hoping it does. 😉

-“DON’T feed him solids. It’s just filler crap.” He has to learn to eat them sometime and since he’s showing he’s ready and I’m mixing it with breast milk, I’m more than OK with letting him try “real” food. I have also read it’s good to start them between 4 and 6 months to reduce the risk of allergies.

And on and on. I do my best to smile and thank everyone for their good intentions. And it is not that I do not appreciate advice. I usually need it!!!! I’m still quite the newbie and by no means an expert parent (not sure if I ever will be). But the bottom line is even when I feel like I’m flying by the seat of my pants trying to figure out this parenting thing, I know my child better than anyone else.

-Dads have it easy. OK, they have it EASIER. In no way would I want to give up the bond that I have with my baby, a bond that no one else could have. I love how well breastfeeding soothes him no matter what. And I love how I can pick him up and 99% of the time he will stop crying. But oh my gosh, I am floored by how much moms’ lives change and how dads’ lives pretty much stay in tact. Sure they are tired too. But Rich still has time to run and work out. He can have an “adult beverage” whenever he wants. He still is outside the house 11 hours a day. My life? Right now, I barely recognize myself!

One day I know things will get back to “normal” (or a new normal anyway), but right now it is amazing how my perspective has changed. One day I will have time (and energy!) to work out. One day I will have more time for my work. One day I will have more time for my friends who I miss dearly. Right now, my new judgement on if a day is going OK is if I get a coffee and a shower, though most showers are now at night after Tommy’s gone to bed. 😉

Grandparents are a Godsend. Thank God for my mom! And thank God for the Warrens. They have kept me sane on so many occasions. My mom brings me lunch all the time. She lets me take a shower. The Warrens have helped me clean my house on many occasions and brought dinner over many, many times. I do not take grandparents for granted.

Time spent with friends is precious. I know that over time, I’ll have more time for well, everything. Until then, I really do cherish every moment I can spend with my girlfriends. They are also a key to my sanity.

The love you have for your child is overwhelming. Overwhelming in a good way. As in more than I would have ever imagined. Do I like being sleep-deprived? Of course not. But do I hurry in to Tommy’s room when he is crying in the middle of the night? You better believe it.


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  1. What is it you said? “Hardest job I’ll ever love.” I suppose that about nails it! I think you’re doing a marvelous job; obviously Tommy’s needs are being met. 🙂

  2. While I can’t relate and can’t give advice since I haven’t been there I still love reading your blogs and FB posts about your experiences with your little guy and how things have changed. One thing that especially did catch me is “One day I will have more time for my friends who I miss dearly.” Just know that your friends miss and love you dearly and while may not be there in person are there in spirit and always wishing you well.

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