Female fit friends, I am begging for your help.


Hi skinny body. I miss you.

So…it’s been a while since I had time to write a blog entry.

I won’t beat around the bush. I saw a picture of myself from this past weekend…and um…I did not like what I saw.

Then I read this New York Times article called “Always Hungry? Here’s Why.”

A few article takeaways:

-The 2.5 years of dysfunctional sleep I recently dealt with probably has something to do with my weight gain.

-The stress of being an inexperienced, first-time mom to a child that does not exactly have “easy” in the description of his temperament (from birth), might have played a role.

-My sweet tooth certainly played a role.

-My lack of exercise probably did too.

So, today I am hitting you up.

You know who you are, fit female friends. You post on social media about your amazing runs, the healthy meals you cooked and the new outfits you bought. You always look cute in your pictures with your kids. You look rested. You just seem to really have it all together.

Today I need you.

You may want to keep your secrets to the fountain of youth to yourself, but please hear me out. This girl is desperate. Please, please, please tell me how you stay healthy! Your female sisterhood advice = good karma for you!

A bunch of questions are running through my head, fit female friends:

-So, I have to exercise 7 days a week to start seeing fat loss, don’t I?

-What is your favorite exercise and why?

-Do you just never, ever eat sugar?

-Do I need to give up alcohol? (To be honest, I don’t think I can do this one. Some days as a mom just require a glass of red wine.)

-Should I just eat carbs for breakfast and then give them up the rest of the day so I have a chance to burn them off?

-Should I replace one meal with a protein shake?

-How much sleep do you get?

-How do you manage stress?

-So for a girl in my (ugh, late) 30s, is this fat loss going to be a long process?

HELP ME!!!!!!!! 

Thank you.

(P.S. No offense to my fit male friends. I do not need your advice today. Your body was not made to bear children and store fat in order to carry those children. This is a female-only post today. I need assistance from the sisterhood.)


12 responses

  1. I’ll tackle them one at a time:

    So, I have to exercise 7 days a week to start seeing fat loss, don’t I? NO!! You need rest days. I exercise 6 days a week, five when things are crazy. And think of exercise not so much as “I have to be dripping sweat for a whole hour!!!” Try easing it into your life. Park further away and walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator.

    -What is your favorite exercise and why? I have to keep it varied, or I get bored. I change up my gym routine every month. I have a Monday workout, a Wednesday workout, a Friday workout. There are certain exercises I always do, but I modify them. For example, a kettlebell squat with a knee raise one month, and a kettlebell squat the next month with twists instead. And I run a lot. A lot.

    -Do you just never, ever eat sugar? I eat more sugar than I should, and I’m paying for it. But you need sugar, too, just keep it limited.

    -Do I need to give up alcohol? (To be honest, I don’t think I can do this one. Some days as a mom just require a glass of red wine.) NOOOO!!! Wine has benefits. You just can’t drink every day.

    -Should I just eat carbs for breakfast and then give them up the rest of the day so I have a chance to burn them off? Not so simple. Avoid the refined carbs. I get my carbs from veggies and fruit mostly. Or I eat corn tortillas.

    -Should I replace one meal with a protein shake? No. I eat three “regular” meals a day (biggest is breakfast, then lunch, dinner is light) and I drink the shake post-workout because 1) I’ve just used a lot of energy and 2) the protein in it helps my muscles recover from the beating I just gave them.

    -How much sleep do you get? I try for 7-8 hours a night, not always feasible when things are busy–or for you, a mom.

    -How do you manage stress? Workouts. I try not to skip them because they actually keep me calm. Pre-weight-loss Meg had a Xanax prescription for anxiety. The anxiety hasn’t gone anywhere, I just manage it differently. And I INSIST on those workouts. Sometimes it feels selfish to let other things in my life slide so I can get a run in, but I keep on insisting.

    -So for a girl in my (ugh, late) 30s, is this fat loss going to be a long process? Oh, maybe. It took me 3.5 years because I took breaks in training and had setbacks here and there. But slow and steady win the race. The first 20 pounds you lose are the most important in terms of reducing risk of heart problems, etc. Not that you are anywhere NEAR where I was.

    Hope this has been helpful!

  2. Also very interested in your replies. I am TOTALLY facing the same problem Lindsay. Soooo not happy with how I currently look/feel. I just had a converation with my husband that I need to work out when I get home at night and he is going to hang out with Nathalie while I do this. She is not digging the baby jogger stroller lately so can’t take her with! I too am addicted to sugar and have been thinking about going on a candy fast and only getting it from fresh fruits. We’ll see if I can do it! Hang in there. The older Tommy gets the easier it will be for you to add exercise back into your routine!

  3. lindsay- Be easy on yourself- you look great now- of course i did not know you in the above photo but we all have a better us that we fantasize getting back to. The reality of pregnancy and nursing is that your body will never be the same-even if you weigh less than you did things will have shifted some positively some not so much;) I think I was finally getting my body fit again when my then youngest was 7- so I had a few years of being strong and fit and then preggo with Rose 🙂
    I think gradually increasing your exercise level and decreasing your food intake is the way to go. I have always said everything in moderation. Dont give up sugar, alcohol, or anything completely because then you will just be unhappy, just reduce the amount. Also- I dont think abstinence works. When I was nursing Rose and I had to go dairy and egg free I lost a lot of weight- so much so that people were worried but then as my body got used to my new diet the pounds came right back on even though I was still not eating dairy and egg ( i really think the majority of the weight loss was due to dairy) Anyway, initially I lost weight but my body needed to find its equilibrium and it did. Now I weigh more than ever b/c I just kept eating the same but stopped nursing and Im really old-my metabolism is slowing. Anyway, I am also trying to regain my fitness. I have tried a spinning class and I always like Vinyasa yoga. The quickest exercise routine for me is to run/jog/walk- I can do it at the drop of a hat – so if someone can watch Rose for 15-20 minutes I go (theoretically). In practice I am not quite so motivated.
    Hang in there and be glad for warm weather to get outside and moving!

  4. Hey Lindsay, I really think that outlining new habits that you can live within on a day by day basis can be a good approach to changing the pattern that you are currently in. I have friends and even my dad that gravitate to yo yo dieting. They lose weight on these crazy diet plans and then gain it all back because it’s not a plan they can stick to permanently. I’m not sure what works in your lifestyle and timeframe but if you could do some cardio and light weights 4-5 days a week that definitely kick starts metabolism but it has to become a habit. XFinity/Comcast has free workouts in OnDemand that you can do at home if you have cable..I think eating less calories is how to lose weight but I don’t think you have to cut foods totally out..I believe you just eat a little less food in general. Like if you typically order a large coke order a small instead. If you like muffins just cut it in half. It’s calories that add up. I lost 15 lbs doing that 4 years ago and have pretty much maintained because I can live within that framework every day. Anyway I know it’s not scientific but portion control and 30 minute workouts worked for me.

  5. Hi Lindsay,

    I don’t know if I’m one of your “fit friends” this was directed towards, but I consider myself to be pretty healthy.
    I am blessed with pretty good genes, but my secret is that I’m never on a diet, so I never fall off the bandwagon. I strive to eat healthy every single day, not just for myself, but to encourage my husband (who’s diet revolves around all things tan) and to set a good example for my daughter. I try to (formally) exercise 3-4 days a week. Some weeks I get there, some I don’t. But every day I’m always trying to sneak in hidden exercise. A stroller ride even when all I want to do is take a nap, getting my heart rate up with some housework, or going up and down mystairs 10 times because that’s all the time I have and it’s better than nothing. I love sweets (especially Starbucks pumpkin bread) and I allow myself to indulge. However, I avoid keeping tons of packaged treats at home. And if I do have them, I try not to sit down with the whole bag because everyone know’a that’s dangerous. But the real secret is, if you have weak moments or even bad weeks, not to beat yourself up and get discouraged. Always remember that tomorrow is a new day and just start fresh. Speaking of a fresh start, I try to eat eggs at least 3-4 days a week because they fill me up and give me energy to start the day.
    I’m not sure if I answered all your questions, but I hope this helps.

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